Nu Wave magnetic cables and why you need one

The two must haves for any day at work are your device and that important adjunct to keep its juices flowing, your charger. Given that these devices are constantly used throughout our day, it can be quite customary to have to replace your charger cable on many occasions due to shortages in the cable itself or even of greater severity, your charger port after incorrect usage. Using a magnetic cable alleviates these problems as well as saving you money in a modern classy way.

The solution is magnetic charging cables! These can be used as oneplus warp charger cable or as a samsung magnetic fast charging cable and pretty much all charging technologies. Either way be sure to pick the correct cable for your device. Or else you might end up with a slow charging cable. If unsure just ask the guys who have them.

Charger cable shortages

Magnetic charging cables have a thick braided base which provides stability and strength to the cable, allowing you to use your cable with little worry about creating frequent shortages in the cable with its daily bending and twisting which may occur during each charge as well as when packaging for travel. Therefore the best way to protect a charging cable is to use one which would not strain under pressure.

Charger port

With the usage of magnetic chargers, you ensure that the base of the charger is always in position correctly and will not suffer from constant prodding during insertions or incorrect application. This will decrease the strain on your port and as a result, increase its shelf life. Ultimately, this saves you money and provides you with a pleasant, lasting relationship with your device.
This cable also allows you to start each charge as smoothly and quickly as possible as our cable’s strong magnetic field will locate and connect the base, which remains connected to your phone, to the cable with one pass in the front of it. This not only is hassle free, but will also catch the eye of your friends and family as you show off your new modern magnetic feature.

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