Nu Wave magnetic cables and why you need one

The two must haves for any day at work are your device and that important adjunct to keep its juices flowing, your charger. Given that these devices are constantly used throughout our day, it can be quite customary to have to replace your charger cable on many occasions due to shortages in the cable itself or even of greater severity, your charger port after incorrect usage. Using a magnetic cable alleviates these problems as well as saving you money in a modern classy way.

The solution is magnetic charging cables! These can be used as oneplus warp charger cable or as a samsung magnetic fast charging cable and pretty much all charging technologies. Either way be sure to pick the correct cable for your device. Or else you might end up with a slow charging cable. If unsure just ask the guys who have them.

Charger cable shortages

Magnetic charging cables have a thick braided base which provides stability and strength to the cable, allowing you to use your cable with little worry about creating frequent shortages in the cable with its daily bending and twisting which may occur during each charge as well as when packaging for travel. Therefore the best way to protect a charging cable is to use one which would not strain under pressure.

Charger port

With the usage of magnetic chargers, you ensure that the base of the charger is always in position correctly and will not suffer from constant prodding during insertions or incorrect application. This will decrease the strain on your port and as a result, increase its shelf life. Ultimately, this saves you money and provides you with a pleasant, lasting relationship with your device.
This cable also allows you to start each charge as smoothly and quickly as possible as our cable’s strong magnetic field will locate and connect the base, which remains connected to your phone, to the cable with one pass in the front of it. This not only is hassle free, but will also catch the eye of your friends and family as you show off your new modern magnetic feature.

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The Darkest Mind PDF by Alexandra Bracken

The Darkest Minds PDF

The Darkest Minds Summary

The Darker Minds PDF book is one of the latest books to movie adaptations on Reading Sanctuary. Just know that the ones who survived have changed. A mysterious disease plagued the land with a disease which only affected children. Most of them died but those who survived began to develop mysterious powers. Ruvy our protagonist develops her powers at age 10. That same night while her parents slept she snuck into their bedroom and discovered she could somehow see their thoughts. She view both her father and mother thought while they were sleeping and then went back to bed. Unknowing to the damage she caused to their brains. When she went down for breakfast in the morning to her surprise they did not recognize her.

She is soon transported along with the other PSI children to a government holding facility where she meets Suzume, Chubs, and Liam. Children at the facility are grouped in a range of colors from red to blue with red being the most dangerous. Ruby though manages to convince the person assigned to rate her that she was a blue level threat by controlling what he saw and it is with that group that she meets her new friends.

PDF downlaod

Download the Free The Darkest Minds PDF from reading sanctuary; they link the book to the move perfectly with all the details necessary to get you hyped for the August release of the film. Epub and hardcopy versions are also available via purchase.

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PDF Divergent by Veronica

Divergent by Veronica Roth, that is the divergent Series including Allegiant and Insurgent – the entire trilogy. These movies are now being made into movies starring the lovely Shailene Woodley as Tris or Beatrice for those who read some of the novels before. Below is a link to the major divergent film and partial cast members plus a trailer for the first movie in the series.


Divergent by Veronica Roth PDF

In a world with strict standards, people are divided into one of 5 factions Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), Erudite (the intelligent), Abnegation (the selfless), and Candor (the honest). This is determined by a special test taken by teenage years to see where each individual belongs. People possessing more than one of these qualities are considered Divergents! And are not liked by the ruling committee but there is a plan in Abnegation to hide Divergent from the world and then our adventure with Tris begins!


Source: Divergent PDF

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Have you ever been bored one evening with your partner and in the mood for a game? Suppose that game can make you guys even closer as a couple?  How about this, have you ever needed a great ice breaker to cut the tension at a meeting, or maybe even at a party? Or suppose you are one curious cat and just wanted to learn something you didn’t know about a particular topic. Well, look here, the developers at Lie, Truths were thinking about you when this game was created!


That being said it can be utilized in many settings and will be an excellent icebreaker for office parties, group sessions, and as mentioned earlier, couples, or people who are now dating.  So, when you want a fun way learn about that guy you are dating, this game works! And here’s why…. players are allowed to type 3 statements in the boxes provided – 2 truths and one lie, after submitting the statements, they are reordered automatically, so player one waits for the player two to guess the lie and after player two has guessed the lie, player one will be shown the answer. Both players can take turns entering… and guess what?


One reviewer mentioned that he spent hours with his wife one night just playing this game and they learned even more about each other. When playing truths and lie some truths are revealed which you would not expect from a person. Happens all the time and it’s done in a friendly non intrusive way because they voluntarily tell you about themselves.


Step 1: Sign up at Lie and Truths or Login using facebook. Then follow the step by step guide to

Step 2: Have your friend create an account too.

Step 3: Go to your created party and PLAY as much as you want!


Bringing the issue of couples to light especially long distance couples. This game will not only bring couples closer but you will learn even more about each other from playing Truths and Lie. So dive deep into each others history and wishes and get started today for free. They also keep scores for you and your partner for bragging rights (if you are into that sort of thing) which can be posted to social media as you please.


They have you covered with the two truths and a lie trivia mode! Also, you can post your high scores to facebook from the site. Do you Like Harry Potter, Celebrity gossip, Medical facts?  T&L have you covered, just head on over and play until you get bored or a new high score. Don’t expect your score it to be too high though the quizzes are very hard. Also, they added a section for the community to add some truths and lies. I’m glad to see that unlike what happened with vine and its developers, but that is another story.

Developers! We see your effort, this game is super easy to use, and the layout is superb! This game is extremely easy for children to use! Have a try you wouldn’t be disappointed.




  • A more intimate connection since you have to be in the same room


  • Must be in the same location
  • No records are kept
  • No sharing functionality



  • Keeps Scores Online
  • Allows you to share scores online
  • Do not need to be in the same location or verbally connected to play
  • Continue just where you left off


  • You need a PC, MAC or phone to play
  • IF you can think of any more let me know
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The online game Never Have I Ever can be played using many modes. Children, Teenagers, Adults but what about challenging a group to a drinking game? Just play responsibly and have fun! I’ve played this but a different version called Rickey Bobby. The difference is that each round of Ricky bobby someone has to drink. In Never Have I Ever the most promiscuous people end up drunk usually.

How To Play

It’s quite simple, play with a friend or a group.
Pick a Question.
If you have done the done then you drink if not then you move on.
Now you can test your preferences against the world see what others have voted! Are you the majority or the minority?
See the Offical Facebook page for others just like you.
Share your best Never Have I Ever stories online.

Examples of their Newest Questions

  • Never Have I Ever Been In Love
  • Never Have I Ever Tripped in a public place and acted like it was intentional
  • Never Have I Ever Seen Harry Potter
  • Never Have I Ever slept during class
  • Never Have I Ever held a gun
  • Never Have I Ever been to the Olympics
  • Never Have I Ever turned up my music to all
  • Never Have I Ever been in an accident
  • Never Have I Ever cleaned out a car that was not mine
  • Never Have I Ever Ridden a Horse
  • Never Have I Ever bought a used item


Feel free to add to the site. The more options the merrier! They currently have over 400 questions but we can increase that 10 fold together.
Remember, everything in moderation. Do not forget to drink and not drive or drive and not drink responsibly. Before playing Never Have I Ever drinking game designate a driver to take you home if it is not at your residence. Or have the group organize transportation for any possibly intoxicated members. Or research how to drink without getting drunk (does not work for everyone – I do not recommend this)

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