The online game Never Have I Ever can be played using many modes. Children, Teenagers, Adults but what about challenging a group to a drinking game? Just play responsibly and have fun! I’ve played this but a different version called Rickey Bobby. The difference is that each round of Ricky bobby someone has to drink. In Never Have I Ever the most promiscuous people end up drunk usually.

How To Play

It’s quite simple, play with a friend or a group.
Pick a Question.
If you have done the done then you drink if not then you move on.
Now you can test your preferences against the world see what others have voted! Are you the majority or the minority?
See the Offical Facebook page for others just like you.
Share your best Never Have I Ever stories online.

Examples of their Newest Questions

  • Never Have I Ever Been In Love
  • Never Have I Ever Tripped in a public place and acted like it was intentional
  • Never Have I Ever Seen Harry Potter
  • Never Have I Ever slept during class
  • Never Have I Ever held a gun
  • Never Have I Ever been to the Olympics
  • Never Have I Ever turned up my music to all
  • Never Have I Ever been in an accident
  • Never Have I Ever cleaned out a car that was not mine
  • Never Have I Ever Ridden a Horse
  • Never Have I Ever bought a used item


Feel free to add to the site. The more options the merrier! They currently have over 400 questions but we can increase that 10 fold together.
Remember, everything in moderation. Do not forget to drink and not drive or drive and not drink responsibly. Before playing Never Have I Ever drinking game designate a driver to take you home if it is not at your residence. Or have the group organize transportation for any possibly intoxicated members. Or research how to drink without getting drunk (does not work for everyone – I do not recommend this)

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